A Little Owl Called Hooty by Diana C Vickery

A Little Owl Called Hooty by Diana C Vickery, illustrated by Danny Deeptown, is a beautiful little board book that will appeal to young children, parents and guardians of young children, and everybody young-at-heart.

At twelve pages, it’s a short, perfectly paced, wonderful adventure following the colourful and creatively-depicted Hooty as he meets a range of interesting characters in the garden and, ultimately, with the help of Barn Owl and the other animals, conquers his fear of flying.

Every page is something interesting and exciting to explore – the story, the rhymes, the pictures, the characters. The colours are magnificent, and the quality and finish of every page is impressive. This is a very good quality book, and the use of language is well-considered, encouraging and helpful.

The illustrations compliment the text beautifully, and the story – written in the form of a poem, with a rhyming couplet or two on each page – is a fun and lyrical exploration that not only tells an interesting tale, but also educates patience, friendship and empathy. It is a thoughtful and important little book that is likely to become a firm favourite, and becomes still more magical with every read.

IMG_20150902_015120This is one in a series of Swankypants books by the same author that will explore similar/related themes and ideas, from the perspectives of the different characters in the garden.

Ideal, and thoroughly recommended, for young readers. This is truly a beautiful book, and you’ll want to collect the whole set.

Find out more on the website: www.swankypantsbooks.com.

NB: I received a free copy of this book for review.


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