Funky New Custom Business Cards from Moo

Following a recent proofreading contract I completed, I recently ordered myself some new business cards.

2015-07-11 14.37.30-1

I chose to design my own cards on (UK site) using their online designer, and created a couple of different reverse sides to use for different situations. It was great having the option to have more than just one standard reverse side (using Printfinity).

The website was really easy to use, quick to load, and provided a good range of design options/editing tools. The advanced editing tools were limited, but it was still easy to create exactly the designs I wanted.

2015-07-11 14.39.10

2015-07-11 14.40.27-1

I tend to like my business cards to be simple, somewhat-minimal, uncluttered, and relatively-stylish in design. I added a QR code that opens my website when scanned, added my details, and opted for ‘Baskerville’ font, in black and grey, on a crisp white background.

There are a range of pre-made designs to choose from, or you can design/upload your own. I chose to design my own, with 3 different reverse side options. For a pack of 100 business cards, you can create up to 50 alternate reverse sides. The website automatically splits the cards into matching groups, though I think that it would have been better if there was an option to choose how many of each design you would like. For example, I wanted more blank reverse sides than the other designs I had made, and that had been allotted. I added an extra blank design to ensure that the majority of business cards would be one-sided only, but it would have been nice to have been able to say exactly how many of each I would like.

When I was happy with the design, I selected the paper type, paper thickness and other finishing details (such as square or rounded corners, matt or gloss finish, etc), gave everything a final check, and then submitted my order. I opted for the cheapest delivery, an estimated 9-10 days, though it was roughly only a week before they arrived. The quality of the cards is impressive – the card-stock, print finish and overall impression of the cards is excellent.

2015-07-11 14.38.24-1

Each pack of cards also contained two double-sided index cards to help organise your cards. On one side, the cards read ‘To-do’ and ‘Done’, and on the other they read ‘Mine’ and ‘Yours’.



2015-07-11 14.40.03-4

2015-07-11 14.39.44-3

2015-07-11 14.39.27-1

Click the referral link below to create your own business cards:


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