Monthly Review: January 2016

Number 9 on my list of 10 writing resolutions for 2016 is to ‘keep a more accurate record of progress towards my writing goals’, so here’s a quick review of month one.


Resolution List Progress:

  • Write everydayThis one was somewhat ambitious even when I set it, and I’m sad to say that I already have not achieved it.  However, I have written more – and spent more time on my writing projects – during January than I did in December, and I have established a more regular writing routine that I plan to continue going forward. It makes more sense with my current schedule, is easier to keep to, and is much more effective for me to write every other day (or, two to three days) than it is for me to write every single day. So I’m adapting this resolution to better reflect this pattern, and I’m comfortable with this writing routine.
  • Read more. I can mark this one as complete for January. Whilst I haven’t read as much as I would have liked to, I have definitely read more than I was doing prior to this new year. I’ve also bought a number of new books this month, which I shall be working my way through over the coming weeks. (See my January Book Haul!)
  • More regular blog schedule. Some readers may have noticed the various changes to this blog in the last few days – as noted in my original resolutions post, I’m working my way through all of my ‘online areas’ and refreshing all of the content and posts. My original vision for this blog was for it to be a useful reference site for writers, with – for me – notes and stories documenting my progress as I write my novel. There are still a few posts to go back up, but I’m very happy with the new look of this site.
  • Keep a more accurate record of progress towards my writing goals. One of my writer-friends once mentioned that he has a spreadsheet on his computer with details of all of the WIP writing projects he has. With this as inspiration, I have created my own spreadsheet with notes on all of my current (and past) writing projects. And with this as the first, I also plan to review each month’s writing updates here on this blog.

Novel Writing Progress:

I’ve made some good progress with my story this month, although a lot of it has been reading through what I already have, editing and/or redrafting. I’ve made lots of notes, examined and reviewed my story-lines and plot, and spent time working on each of my characters. None of this counts towards my word count as new words, but it’s all useful and has moved me forward in a productive and positive way. I’ve also written over 5,000 new words, and resolved a question I had with the plot – generally moving forward with my latest draft.

I’ve also begun to sort through all of my story notes – organising and tidying them, and I plan to continue this into February. My deadline for completion of my novel is the end of April, which draws ever-nearer and I really want to meet it with a completed draft. I need to continue with, and pick up, my current pace to accomplish this.

Blog Progress:

I’ve gone through all of the posts, and refreshed or updated them in line with the direction of the website (mostly this has been adding new categories, tags, and images), but there are one or two spots where I have made a minor tweak to the text.

I’ve put up a new header, tidied the sidebar, and added a new Reading List page. On this page I will list the various books I have read so far this year, in an effort to work towards Resolution #2: Read More.

Priority Goals for February:

  • Continue working on my novel.*
  • Finish sorting + organising my novel notes.*
  • Read.*
  • Finish sorting + organising blog.*
  • Resolve issues with poetry book, and move it forward.
  • Write new poems and/or complete a WIP.
  • Submit writing.

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2 thoughts on “Monthly Review: January 2016

  1. My “want to read” list always grows much faster than my “have read” list. My nieces keep recommending the Hunger Games to me. I’ve seen the movies and thoroughly enjoyed them but haven’t read the books. Recently I’ve been a bit obsessed with books about Burma —I read four in quick succession. But right now, I reading the fourth in Ferrante’s Neopolitan Series, The Lost Child. I’m loving it!

    1. I have the same problem! One of my goals this year is to try and get through as many of the ‘books I own but haven’t read yet’ as possible. It’s quite nice though to know that there’s always something undiscovered nearby. 🙂

      ‘The Lost Child’ sounds really interesting!

      Thanks for your comment! x

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