My Dream Writing Area

My current writing area is in a small corner of my home, a small desk in my bedroom surrounded by bookshelves where I can leave the hustle and bustle of the day behind and engage completely in my writing. I have a lock on my door and the comfort of all of my most important things.

I like my writing area – it’s private, cosy, practical, comfortable, and an effective place for me to do my work. I’ve written stories there, and poems, and my desk is one of my most favourite places to be. But sometimes, I like to imagine the desk and writing space I’d set up if ever I were to move home or win the lottery.

My ideal writing space would be all contained in a private room, preferably upstairs, and not in a corner of a different one. It would be concealed with a bookcase in front of a secret door, and would have a nice desk set back from, but looking out to, a large window that overlooked a forest, a river/lake, or other countryside scene. I have always lived in the countryside, and find natural landscapes to be both relaxing and inspiring. They motivate me to write, and to achieve. I can imagine the window open in the summer, with a comfortable breeze blowing through the white voile drapes, through my hair, and bringing warmth of the sun and the sounds of the bleating sheep from the fields below. A tall rubber plant, or palm, in one corner gently bouncing its fronds in the gentle gust. Or in the winter, a white layer of snow coating everything from the house to the horizon, or a strong gale blowing the trees into knotted shapes.

The décor would be light and pleasant, comfortable, earthy, and somehow reflecting of the natural view. I would have a wall lined with white bookcases, and all of my most useful and practical books would have a place of their very own. There would be bright, white, built-in storage to put all of my stationary and equipment in, and maybe lower-wall panelling on the other walls with a couple of white-framed pictures in select spaces above.

My desk chair would be comfortable, and there would be another seat – more cushioned and relaxing, more squidgy and plumped – near the window where I could sit and look out onto the world. This would be my reading seat, or a place I could continue working away from the computer screen for a couple of hours. Perhaps it would be a chaise longue, or – the most comfortable seat I have ever sat in – a Playstation Chair (designed by Jerszy Seymour).

What does your dream writing space look like?

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