Are internet marketers hijacking self-publishing? (By Gerald Hornsby)

I came across this post in the archives of a local writer friend’s blog, on the changes in self-publication and online marketing over the last few years. Reading through the post, I recognise much of what Gerald is saying from my own experiences – and I have concerns (going forward) similar to the ones he points out here.

Please click on the link above, or below, to read the full article: there are a lot of important thoughts and ideas on how the new self-publishing system works, and the possible problems or conflicts that could arise through the use of self-publishing companies, that writers and new authors should be aware of.

Gerald Hornsby's Writing Blog

I’m noticing a worrying trend. Some authors are getting so excited about making money from writing that the marketing is taking over from the writing. They’re not authors who are self-publishing any more. They are internet marketers that happen to be able to string together words in what they describe as a ‘novel’.

My hypothesis has a number of different strands of evidence to support it.

One of my ‘go-to’ places for self-publishing information is Kindle Boards. If you’re thinking of self-publishing, you need to be on there, and reading. It’s a busy place, and it does take you away from your writing, but if you’ve produced stuff, there’s a heap of information about how to self-publish on there. However, you could spend a whole day just following threads, commenting, asking questions, and then checking the threads you checked five minutes before. It’s become a bit of a monster, but…

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