Monthly Review: February 2016


February seems to have come and gone in an instant: it was January, I blinked, and now it is March. Even with the extra day, February seems to have disappeared very quickly.

That said, it was still a useful month in terms of reading and writing projects, and I have lots of plans going forward over the next several months as well.

As with last month, I want to post a brief overview and round-up of achievements and things accomplished for February:


Write everyday.

I’m still not at the stage of writing everyday – though I do plan to achieve this ultimately – but following my plan in January to write at least every couple of days, I am happy to report this one accomplished. In another month or two, I’m hoping that other projects I’m working on will take up a little less of my time and I’ll be able to focus more on this.

Read more.

I have definitely read more during February. I’ve read five or six books in the last week or so, and have another couple of books already on the go. I’ve signed up to a couple of reading challenges on Goodreads, and a few new titles to my shelves seem to have made a welcome boost to my motivation to read more. I’m really enjoying working towards this goal so far this year. Have a look at my newest books for January and February.

More regular blog schedule.

I’ve been looking at my blog statistics over the last few months, with an eye to levels of traffic. I’ve identified that the best, most popular days seem to be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays – around 4pm (GMT). With this in mind, and it fitting well with the several posts a week frequency I had already planned on and scheduled for, I will be posting ahead of each of these days.

Novel Writing Progress.

I’ve have moved forward again with my novel during February, although there is still a lot to do if I am to reach my end of April target.

Other Writing Projects.

I have now gone through my various poetry folders, files, and notes – and have assembled the starting ground for my second poetry collection. I have a number of new poems to write, a few to finish, and some that are already complete that it was fun to rediscover and finally begin to compile together. I will be continuing to work on this going forward, and I’m really excited about the thought of this new collection.

Priority Goals for March:

  • Continue working on my novel.*
  • Read.*
  • Resolve issues with poetry book, and move it forward.
  • Write new poems and/or complete a WIP.
  • Submit writing.