The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations by Yekemi Otaru

The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations by Yekemi Otaru is a fascinating introductory guide, a useful reference, and an aspirational incentive for organisations, charities and businesses looking to take their company to the next level. Confidently and competently argued, it provides a useful and informative approach to increasing the effectiveness, reach and overall return of social media within organisations.

Aimed generally towards higher and middle level management (and above), there is also a lot of useful information and insight of interest to, and instantly applicable to, a range of different people: from employers, employees, contractors and freelancers, individuals, self-employed business owners, non-executives, and so on. Focusing strongly on boosting interaction through employees, the book considers morale, working environment, and leading-through-example management.

Approachable and well-written, The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations is accessible, informative, well-presented, and a surprisingly fast read. Combining discussion, research, interviews and case studies, the book is broken into sections – each covering a different aspect: from diagnosing areas of potential development, to multi-level social media participation, social media ambassadors and corporate voice, to corporate vision and values. Each section is explored and explained through helpful, well-referenced research, documented case studies or illustrations and diagrams. The author recaps each section with a series of questions and reflections offering helpful and easy identification of potential areas of organisational opportunity or improvement.

Mixing theory with practical application, this book offers a genuine insight into an under-valued and important area of modern business and marketing. The author expertly navigates her own vast experience in the field of social media within organisations, offering knowledgeable and well-informed insights, and presents the book as an achievable and effective way forward for organisations and their managements hoping to develop a beneficial, measurable social media action plan – specifically through employee involvement.

An interesting, insightful, and educational experience that is just as useful as a handy reference to dip into: to identify potential areas of improvement, or to focus on specific organisational areas and generate opportunities. It is easy to see how implementation of the suggested approaches could result in a significant boost to an organisation’s potential market, lead generation, and – ultimately – profitability.

I would recommend this informative guide to everyone interested in organisational development and social media management, particularly with a view to employee morale and participation.

NB. I received a free digital copy of this book for review.


5 thoughts on “The Smart Sceptic’s Guide to Social Media in Organisations by Yekemi Otaru

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment – it’s nice to meet you! Yes, I was making notes as I read through! I will definitely be using a few of the tips she mentions in the book. Your theme sounds really interesting – I imagine you’ll have lots of great insights and tips. I will definitely stop by! 🙂

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