Monthly Review: March 2016


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Books read this month:

Blog Schedule & Improvements.

This blog has been undergoing a lot of changes and improvements, behind-the-scenes, since the beginning of the year. This month, finally, I have transferred my site to a self-hosted system, and have begun to implement a number of the changes that I’ve been wanting to for some time.

I’ve also been very busy writing and scheduling lots of posts for April. I am taking part in this year’s A-Z Blogging Challenge, co-hosted by the lovely Damyanti from the Daily Writes blog. (Find out about all of the hosts, and their websites, here!).

I’ll be posting almost every day throughout April (letters are assigned to every day except Sundays!). My posts will all be themed on ‘writing’, please do feel free to comment and get involved! If you’d like to take part yourself, you can still sign up for the challenge here. Be quick – there’s only a few days left until sign-ups close!

In May, I’ll return to my Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule. Are there any topics you would like me to post about? What subject(s) would be most interesting or helpful for you to read about/discuss? Let me know!

Novel Writing Progress.

My deadline is this next month (April). It’s a partly self-imposed deadline, and partly a competition deadline that I’d like to meet (they don’t match, but they’re both April). I’m a little nervous about meeting them, but I will. It’s quite exciting!

Other Writing Projects.

I’m almost all completed with the new cover edition of my poetry book, and not so-very-far-away from completing a second collection! Lots of updates shortly – please check back soon!

I’ve also submitted a couple of flash fiction stories this month. There’s a bit of a waiting list until I hear back.

Priority Goals for April:

  • Continue working on my novel & enter competition!*
  • Poetry book projects!*
  • Read.*

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