29 Songs To Listen To While You Write

I thought, today, I would share with you the music playlists that I listen to when I am writing. Unlike some of the people that I know, I need background noise in order to properly concentrate on set tasks. I suffer from Tinnitus, and silence is actually ‘louder’ and more disruptive for me than quiet noise. Music as a backdrop to my writing is the perfect set up for me, and even works to help motivate me generally.

‘M’ is for ‘Music’

I have a couple of different playlists that I tend to flit between, depending on mood and what I am writing, but these are my main go-to lists when I am working on my novel. I find that the sounds, tones, atmospheres generated by each of the songs inspire particular images and feelings – and I like to channel that into my work. Each of the songs I have selected connect to a tone, character, setting, or scene in my novel, and help me to drive the narrative forward. Regardless of any original context or meaning, I listen purely to the sounds and the energy that each piece of music generates.

This first list is mostly classical pieces, and I usually listen to playlists on shuffle and repeat. The track at the end is quite long (almost two and a half hours!), so I don’t always play the full list all the way through. I think Bach’s Cello Suites are beautiful. To scroll through the list, click on the icon (three little lines) in the top left corner.

My second list is a little more mixed – there’s a few different styles and genres, but I find that each of these songs are really nice to listen to in the background while I am writing.

Do you listen to music when you write? What do you listen to? Do you like the music I have chosen? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “29 Songs To Listen To While You Write

    1. I find that most people do. One or two of the people I know will write with some gentle music in the background, but most of them prefer quiet like yourself. Whatever works to help us write, hey! Thanks for your comment 🙂

  1. I find music too distracting for me to write. But I do know several writers who use music to help them write. One writer even puts a playlist on loop as an incentive for her to finish the manuscript. If she gets sick enough of the music, she’ll work harder to finish so she can turn it off, lol!

  2. I can work with any background noise. I am one of those lucky people with intensive focus,so I often have the TV on in the background. My husband doesn’t appreciate the focus as I usually don’t hear him when he talks to me, if I am concentrating. Interestingly though my two novels both have playlist as I use an appropriate title for my scene titles.

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