3 Novel Writing Walk-Throughs To Help You Plot Your Story

Lots of people approach writing in different ways. Some people are ‘Pantsters’, writing by the seat of their pants – simply deciding what happens, and what to write as they go along. Other people, myself included, are ‘Planners’, building and creating a specific story plan that details the plot and various plot events before sitting down to write. Both of these approaches are good, practical, and – if properly selected – effective.

‘P’ is for ‘Plot’

For those who prefer to plan their stories before they start at the beginning, there are a number of different methods or techniques for building an initial plot. Just ask Chuck Wendig.

Below, I have linked to a few of the most common/popular methods that I have come across, with details on how to use each form. Simply click on the image to read more about each technique.

1. The Story Arc

This is the method I was taught during my university degree in Creative Writing and Criminology, and is the method I tend to use for new works. The image below links to a previous post that will walk you through the different stages to completing a full story. As with most of the methods available, it’s adaptable and you can play with adding or removing various plot points as best fits with your story.


2. The Snowflake Method

This story-structure style starts with the ‘big moments’ of your story and branches them out to build a more complete, detailed, and fully formed novel plot. It’s a less chronological approach and offers a helpful at-a-glance overview that allows you to keep track of multiple plot points at once, including the fallout/impact/knock-on effects of your characters’ actions and choices.

TheSnowflake Method

3. 3 Acts, 9 Sections, 27 Chapters | Katytastic


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