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‘T’ is for ‘Time’

Blog Editorial Calendar

One of the (many) changes I’ve made with my writing and blogging routine this year is the introduction of editorial calendars. Previously I’ve had lots of lists and ideas in my head, plans, and dates they should all be completed by, or random jottings and scribbles on notepads or pieces of paper – but nothing so specific in terms of schedules or routines for each individual project.

Below is the Editorial Calendar that I am currently using. I’ve found that it is very flexible to use, keeps all of my most important information (and notes!) together, and that it enables me to plan much further ahead than I was able to previously. It also allows for a much clearer overview of what content there is on your blog/website, what there has been, and what you are planning for there to be at a later date. This is a valuable and very useful aid, as it promotes a much clearer focus on your main objective(s).

Over several months, I’ve developed my own calendar worksheet – and share it with you below! Click on one of the links under the image to download the file as a .pdf, or as a Microsoft Excel file. Both file-types are blank templates (virus-free!), and suitable for your immediate use or customisation. You can print them off, or simply use them on your computer.

Screenshot 2016-04-26 18.18.38

The calendar is presented with a 1-week view, with customisation areas for specific/different projects. Write your project’s main objectives in the ‘goals’ box at the top of the page, set the ‘week’, and plan ahead with your projects! There’s room for notes, important days to remember, check boxes for instant reference as to whether you have shared your post on social media, keywords, and more.

Blog – Editorial Calendar (PDF)

Blog – Editorial Calendar (.xlsx)


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