X is for Excel: My Submissions Spreadsheet (Free Download!)

Today is my birthday! Woo!

The final worksheet I’d like to share with you, for now, is my ‘Submissions Diary’. Currently split between fiction and poetry (use the page tabs at the bottom of the screen to navigate between them), this spreadsheet is a useful record of your current and past writing submissions. I have recently given it something of an overhaul – each separate submission did at one point have its own line, but this newer layout is much tidier, and much easier to manage-at-a-glance. Simply enter the title of the magazine, publisher, literary agent, competition or award you are submitting to under ‘Market’, and select the check-box to mark your piece of writing as ‘under submission’. You can also enter any book titles that you are planning to independently publish under ‘Market’. Enter the submission date, and count forward to find an approximate (maximum) response date – eg. 12 weeks from today, up to 8 months, etc. All unsuccessful submissions can be summarised in the ‘Rejections’ folder (the name of the Market you submitted to, the dates, any other useful information).Screenshot 2016-04-27 23.47.01

As before, I have made this Submissions Diary available in Excel workbook format, and as .pdf files – for you to use on your computer or to print off and use by hand. Please feel free to customise.

Have you tried any of my other free, downloadable content? Have a look at my WIP Diary and my Editorial Calendar!

Submissions Diary (.xlsx)

Submissions Diary (.pdf) – Poetry

Submissions Diary (.pdf) – Fiction

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One thought on “X is for Excel: My Submissions Spreadsheet (Free Download!)

  1. Great ideas. I used to be organised and have spreadsheets for agents I’d contacted and competitions I’d entered, or wanted to enter. Somewhere along the line I lost heart.
    Recording progress can be an inspiration in itself, so I must get focused again after the A-Z challenge ends. Thanks for sharing your worksheets.

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