The Mysterious Apples by Diana C Vickery

The Mysterious Apples by Diana C Vickery (illustrated by Danny Deeptown, published by Swankypants Books) is a follow-up book to A Little Owl Called Hooty. Written for children, these books follow the individual adventures of a small group of animals as they undertake mini adventures, discovering traits or facets about themselves or facing perplexing puzzles. As small, bag-sized board books they are ideal for young children and toddlers for reading in and out of the house. Recommended for young readers and their parents/guardians alike.

The Mysterious Apples follows two naughty squirrels named Yasmin and Yo-Yo, who spend their day scrumping, collecting and hiding apples – only to find them missing when they wake up. It’s a sweet story, with both Yasmin and Yo-Yo, and Mum, at a loss over the disappearance/appearance of the basket of apples. The humorous twist at the end where the apples are baked into a pie was a nice, light touch and well-considered.

It’s a wonderful children’s book, and a great follow up to A Little Owl Called Hooty. The illustrations are beautiful and visually stimulating, and complement the story well. The story is written in rhyming couplets – blending the familiarity of home and garden with animals in nature and their natural habitats. At fourteen pages, it’s a fun-paced, high-quality, and colourful instalment in Diana C Vickery’s imaginary and animal-focused world. The books look brilliant together, and would make a great early book series for young readers to collect. I’m excited to share these books with young family members and can’t wait to see more from Swankypants Books. Find out more on the website:




NB: I received a free copy of this book for review.


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