On Dreaming by the Water

Follow me to salty waters,
Let me lead you to the sea.
Take my hand to wanton places,
Let me drown you to be free.

Hear the rolling, crashing, rumbling,
As the tides caress the sand.
Ogle at the crumbled mountains,
Marvel at the ones that stand.

Gaze in many liquid mirrors –
Note, it’s not your face you find.
But instead, distorted cravings –
Let your secret dreams unwind.

Lose yourself in your reflection,
It’s a beauty that it shows –
One of truth from out the waters;
One of life and letting go.

Breathe the deep and heady sea salt,
Lose yourself amongst the foam,
Get entangled in the seaweed,
And amid the tide-pools roam.

Feel the trickling, gentle rhythm
As the tides subside to waves,
Like a fading ballad drumbeat,
Like a child that misbehaves,

Like a washed up flooded wreckage –
Sunken ships that time forgot.
So the world sinks down to coral,
So our dreams are all we’ve got.

Extract from Rhythmythical, by EM Biddulph

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