Pop! in a Box Subscription Catch Up

A few months ago I took out a subscription with Pop! in a Box – a monthly service that will send you a Funko Pop! Vinyl every month through the post. There are a range of different options available through Pop! in a Box – from 1 to 12 Pop Vinyls each month, and a variety of other products and subscriptions from Funko and elsewhere (including Dorbz, Rock Candies, Tins, T-Shirts, Collectible figurines, past boxes from other subscription services, and more).

I already owned these Pops from Star Trek: The Original Series. L-R: Scotty, Spock, Mirror Universe Spock, Spock, Klingon.

The idea behind Pop! in a Box is that when you first subscribe, you go to the website and ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ the Pop Vinyls that you are, and are not, interested in receiving. You will never receive a Pop you already own, and you don’t know which item you will receive until it arrives at your door!

I chose to receive one Pop each month. I already had a couple – one or two figures from some films and tv series I love – and I’ve since added a few more, but I’m not really interested in building rooms wall-to-wall with Pop Vinyl. I wanted to collect the complete sets for the current Pops I already owned, and maybe also pick up a few in series/movies/etc I really enjoy but didn’t have any items for.

I already owned these Star Trek Beyond Pops too! L-R: Krall, Mal Reynolds (from Firefly – at the edge of the photo), Spock, Kirk, McCoy.

I really like that the Funko Pop! Vinyl figures celebrate a variety of fandoms across different movies/books/tv series/games/musicians/etc. With one or two exceptions, most of the things I most enjoy I can find items for on the website – and the little figures look so cute decorating my bookshelves!

You can update, add or remove any items from your wish list at any time – as well as adding items to the ‘Your Collection’ section of the website. So, if you buy a Pop! from a different location, or get one as a gift, you can be confident that you won’t receive a duplicate via your subscription.

So far I have received three Pops from Pop! in a Box, with a fourth due in the next few days. I’m really looking forward to finding out who my next Pop is! (I’m secretly hoping for Scotty or Steve Trevor next.)

Above, the Pop figures I have been sent from Pop in a Box over the last few months. As you can see, two are from the Star Trek Beyond series and one is from Wonder Woman. Originally, I had very little Pops ‘thumbed up’ on my wish list as there were particular Pops I was more interested in collecting than others (as in, ‘want’ and then ‘really want’ – I’m a huge Star Trek fan!). I’ve since gone back and added a range of others, so I have no idea what to expect for the next few months.

I wasn’t sure, initially, how good the condition would be for the items when they arrived – given that they would have traveled through the postal service. I know that some Pop Vinyl collectors aren’t worried about the boxes, but to me the condition of the box (as well as the Pop itself) is important. So far, the condition has been excellent every time – and I’m really happy with the service, and selection, that I have received.

My first Pop from PiaB was Mr Sulu from the Star Trek Beyond series. Here he in the duty uniform.

Despite having kept all of my Pops in their boxes to begin with, I’ve now taken some of them out to sit on my bookshelves (the boxes are safely stored in my wardrobe). Mr Sulu sits on my Science Fiction shelf next to a Star Trek Door Chime and a little USS Enterprise air freshener (empty) that my grandfather gave me when I was younger.

My most recent Pop was Mr Chekov, also from the Star Trek Beyond series. I have a few others still to collect in this series, including Mr Chekov in his surivival suit. He sits – as you can see from the photo below – on the same shelf as Mr Sulu (and Wash, from Firefly).

This shelf also holds my small collection of graphic novels and hardback comic books. (Just a note – if you haven’t read Mooncop by Tom Gauld, I can thoroughly recommend it!).

A little out of order, but the other Pop I received was Wonder Woman from the new movie. Here she is with the book from Titan Books that I’ve also bought recently – I haven’t read it yet, but I already love it.

This little Pop currently sits on a shelf – as shown below – with a some of my Science Fiction & Fantasy book series’. She has a cool sword and shield, and a little invisible base plate to help her stand and stay steady.

If you think you might be interested in receiving your own Pop! in a Box subscription box, please click on my recommendation link below (or use code EITHERANT-R1) for a discount on your first purchase!



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